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Terms of service

Do not use this under any circumstances

If you followed a Terms of Service link and got here, then you're out of luck.
These terms of service are for programming experiments and stupid hacks intended solely for my personal use.
I don't promise anything about this at all.
In fact, if you're reading this now, you probably should't be using whatever app or product it's related to.
Any problems caused by this are yours and yours alone
I don't license this for use by anyone other than myself, and it will likely brick your phone, set your computer on fire, and make your children ugly.
I assume no responsilility or liability for anything this software does.

Privacy policy

I don't care about any of your private data.

To the best of my knowledge, I'm not storing your personal data.
I'm certainly not using it.
Any personal data of yours that gets shared to others is purely accidental.
But, see the terms of service, if it does happen, it's because you're using software that I'm experimenting with and you shouldn't be using anyway.