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Learning to travel for fun

It started with miles to burn

There was a time when I couldn't wait to see what would happen next, or to connect with a new stranger at a bar Bar Thirst, Oxford, England . A good friend of mine once said, "Give Dave 2 weeks in any city, and he'll have the place wired. The guys at the pub will know him by name, and he'll find all the cool little hole-in-the-wall joints." What happened to that guy? I had to reboot my head and find my sense of adventure again.

My first step was to start traveling for fun, on my own, and not exactly as a tourist. So, I booked a flight to Quito, EcuadorEcuador right after Christmas, and stayed in an Airbnb. Following some tips from my host and google, I got lost in Quito and found my wanderlust again. I made enough friends to enjoy my New Year's Eve at a pub, take a few day trips and had an amazing time.

They say that familiarity breeds contempt, but it shouldn't. The Boracay, Philippinesworld and the people in it are still just as amazing. Finding the local flavor is still a joy, and every place has the tragic, the mundane and the sublime which makes it special. Since then, I always make an effort with my business travel to explore and to meet new people, take a couple of solo vacation trips as well.

Discovering new places, eating yummy foods, Some island, Philippines drinking and telling stories (lies) with fun friends, and reading interesting books are my absolute favorite things. I've joked that my ideal job would be to host book review and travel show with my best friends. In each episode we'd travel to the setting for a book, and while dining, drinking and exploring the destination, we'd talk about the novel especially if the setting shapes the book. After a recent trip to southeast Asia, I realized I don't need to wait for it to be my job, I could do this for fun on my own and with friends when we can.