Let's play!

Conference Call Bingo

How long have we been doing conference calls? ... Can you ... me ...?

So, you ever sit in a conference call and get super annoyed, because Bob can’t work the mute button or Suzy is trying to talk over the traffic in her convertible or John is presenting his second monitor, which coincidently has a photo collection that’s quite embarrassing. It happens every call. So I decided to make a game of it and you can play along.

I did this silliness as an exercise to teach myself how to read and manipulate an XML file using JavaScript, then load them into a web page with formatting controlled by CSS.

The source material came from an article on Boing Boing. I added titles to the columns, and a little over 10 possible topics each. It loads them from XML, shuffles them and displays the first 5 in each column.

Eventually, I might let you put in usernames and start tracking high-scores, but you’ll have to wait for my idleness and curiosity to peak at exactly the same time.

Now that I have converted this into a Hugo static site, I want to configure it to use as much of the Go infrastructure as possible.

Let’s play conference call bingo!