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The things I've seen

I might be a little jaded

I’m not the typical traveler. I’ve flown almost 2 million miles, I’ve traveled to 46 states, over 40 countries, and lived in 4 countries. I’ve slept in hotels without hot running water and been chased out of a restaurant by a pissed off man wielding a cleaver. I’ve been to a restaurant that prides itself on the number of animals on the menu. I’ve waited in a traffic jam for 2 hours for a cow to move, and I’ve broken the suspension on my truck crossing a river, and had it welded back together in a little shop. I’m not the most adventurous in the world, but I’m probably in the top 1% of well-traveled ‘Mericans.

On the road again ...

Rediscovering my wanderlust

Finding my sense of adventure

Over the last 30 years, I’ve travelled millions of miles, and stayed away from home more than half the time. A few years ago, a friend asked me about the nicest place to stay and I replied, “At some point, all hotels are the same. If the bed is good enough, they have coffee and air conditioning, and they’re close to work, then it doesn’t really matter.” With almost a look of pity, she said, “That not really what I meant. But, after living and traveling to some of the most amazing places, your answer is ‘Close to work’?” We went on to talk about the cool cities, hotels, natural beauty, but that first exchange really stuck with me.

Erst Deutschland, dann die Welt!

Thoughts on living abroad

Living overseas for the 2nd time after 30 years of world travel

For the last 30 years, I’ve traveled for work and vacation 60-85% percent of the days in a year. I’ve worked in over 40 countries. And I’ve had lived in many cities while supporting remote projects. Today marks 6 months living permanently in Germany.


DISCLAIMER: I’m a USA person

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