Papers, please!

You broke the law, but we won't tell you why

Should you have to obey a law which is kept secret from you?

This is another interesting article from Papers Please. I simply cannot understand why a people who reward individuality and applaude freedom put up with this kind of treatment. The rules we obey just don’t make sense. We cannot take a bottle of water or lipstick or toothpaste on the plane. But, somehow we are allowed to take a laptop.

Answer me this: Which would be easier to make a bomb from, a seven pound laptop or 32 ounces of clear water?

This guy, John Gilmore, didn’t give in. He actually had the gall to ask why he had to show ID, and under what authority the requestor was operating. Then when he was further harassed, he sued.

Since, then he has not flown domestically.

What did the Supreme’s do?